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Freetown, Sierra Leone. January 11

After a week in Sierra Leone, we are about to fly to Accra, Ghana this afternoon. The photos I’m posting today (see them all here) reflect our arrival back in Freetown, our last picture outside our hotel in Bo, and a series of remembrances from our time with our partner here, Zion Ministries. Everyone is well, a bit tired after our many travels, but nonetheless excited about seeing Ghana and the work Seven Hills does in that West African nation. Our partner in Ghana is Barbara Asempa from the NGO called HOCAP. Seven Hills funds a large micro-loan initiative in the village of Okishibri supporting over 400 farming families and last year - through the help of our donors - we funded a clean water well in the village of Nyetawutu, 3 hours outside of the capital. And so, as we anticipate all that we will see and do in Ghana we cannot help but reflect upon our days with children and women in the remote bush villages we support through Seven Hills and Zion Ministries. Personally, I have been so thrilled at the level of engagement and true understanding of our team of 7 coming from the US. My students from Clark University have jumped into this experience with zest carrying children, walking for miles, and living in rudimentary accommodations. It took our team a day or two getting accustomed to no running showers and sporadic electricity, but they did so without complaint. Our time in Sierra Leone is over but the memories of each other and the hundreds of Sierra Leonian children we met will last a lifetime. Time to board our flight from Freetown to Accra! Thank you for following our trip on this Seven Hills Global Outreach blog - and more tomorrow from the last leg of our trip: the beautiful land of Ghana.

Dr. D. Jordan - (“Dr. J”)

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