SHGO is Grateful for Our USA Partnerships!

SHGO believes that community development is self-reflective, and truly starts at home. From SHGO’s office base in Worcester, Massachusetts, and USA, the local needs look different than those of SHGO’s international partners – but are certainly just as critical.  SHGO is committed to partnering with local non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations to support education, health, basic needs, and more – with a particular interest in collaborations with organizations and individuals that work locally, but strive for global impact. This includes important partnerships with higher education institutions to advance international development theory, practice, technical solutions, and experiential learning. Through US-based partnership-development, SHGO strives to connect local allies aligned to do good.

The ACE (African Community Education) Program: acechildren.org
Becker College: becker.edu
Clark University: daysforgirls.org
IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative): imecamerica.org
The International Center of Worcester:intcent.org
Ivy Child: ivychild.org
Maternova: maternova.net
REAL Futbol Training: realfutboltraining.org
Starlight Hand Ministries: starlighthandministry.com
WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute): wpi.edu
Center For Family Progress: cfprogress.org
…and MORE!

From our headquarters in Central Massachusetts, SHGO believes that community development starts at home. Support for education, health, basic needs, and more – with a focus on locally-acting and globally-impactful partners – lie at the heart of SHGO’s US-based collaborations.


The ACE (African Community Education) Program - Worcester, MA

The ACE Program works to bridge the achievement gap by working specifically with refugee and immigrant youth from Africa to improve academic performance, enhance personal growth and development,  build community and cultural networks, and provide family support and outreach. The ACE Program works with youth during after school hours, and provides an innovative family program on Saturdays. From support groups to tutoring, parent sessions to recreation - ACE needs your support to ensure that local African youth and families are equipped with essential tools for education and achievement.

To get involved with SHGO’s partnerships in the US, please contact our SHGO office at 508.755.2340 x1301.

If you are a business or corporation, please contact SHGO for more information. 
If you are a local organization or academic institution, please contact SHGO for partnership-building and resource-networking.



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