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Collecting and Redistributing Essential Supplies


Talented Seven Hills employees in Massachusetts and Rhode Island hail from all over the world, and many work hard here in the US to support important humanitarian causes and family needs back home. Through SHGO C.A.R.E.S., you can help by making in-kind donations of essential supplies to partner organizations around the globe.

SHGO acknowledges your hard work on behalf of others, and applauds your collective spirit of supporting those who need care. To further these efforts, the SHGO C.A.R.E.S. program supports the cycle of giving by encouraging staff traveling abroad to carry a humanitarian bag, filled with essential supplies, to their overseas destination. Whether supporting a SHGO partners or an organization elsewhere, we hope to send supplies where they are most needed. This includes, of course, distributing supplies right here in our Worcester community to families in need.


Jane, a Seven Hills staff member originally from Africa, was determined to send a specialized wheelchair back home to her nephew with complex physical restrictions. This young nephew had suffered greatly not only from his physical disability, but was also stigmatized due to this condition – seen as the bearer of a curse and treated without dignity. Growing bigger, this nephew was no longer able to be carried by his mother. Knowing this, Jane began campaigning for a wheelchair donation across Massachusetts. Hitting roadblock after roadblock, she searched for seven years until she finally found an organization that could sponsor and ship this essential piece of equipment abroad. Her ultimate success is incredible, showing much dedication and persistence. However, no one should have to suffer while waiting for supplies that can greatly impact quality of life.

As we join together to help others, we need you to be the bearers of a life-changing wheelchair…or other essential supplies. From school supply kits and clothes to medicine and hygiene products, you can make an impact just by checking a bag or picking one up for a local family in need.


If you are interested in participating, or know someone with upcoming travel plans, please contact Dr. David Jordan at 508-755-2340 or


SHGO Partners around the world need your support! Current in-kind donation needs include:

  • Children’s clothing, educational games and toys, school supplies, and basic health/first aid materials are needed in Jamaica and Ghana.

  • Women’s and children’s clothing and health/medical materials are needed in Sierra Leone.

  • School supplies, educational games and toys, recreational equipment, and environmental education materials/supplies are needed in Guatemala.

  • Clothing, computers, health supplies, and school materials are needed in Liberia.

  • Clothing, nonperishable food items, school supplies, computers, and educational games/toys are needed in the US.

  • Educational tools, school supplies, and basic health/first aid materials are needed in Kenya.

  • Health and first aid supplies are needed in Haiti.

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