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2017 SHGO Trip to Guatemala

Today, one if our SHGO team members dislocated his shoulder while we were traveling through the jungle. Juan Gomez took a good fall while sliding down an embankment. After getting him back several miles to Loma Linda we took him to the hospital and arranged for a flight for him back to the States tomorrow. Always in good humor, Juan took it in stride and is having his shoulder relocated as I write this. Get well our dear friend! Last evening we met with the beekeeping team from Loma Linda and heard of their progress with one of the economic development initiatives we introduced here 2 years ago. Our principal efforts here are to help sustain the community. They have many challenges to overcome as they transition from a coffee growing community to a community seeking alternative forms of revenue. Tonight we meet with 15 village leaders to discuss their efforts and needs. The photos today reflect our travels through the jungle surrounding Loma Linda. The people here are so welcoming and appreciative of everything SHGO has helped them with over the years. Dr J -

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