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First full day—04/28/2022

Hello from Sierra Leone,

Today is our first full day in Sierra Leone (West Africa) and our first trip back to review our healthcare, education, and economic development initiatives in my two years! It is good to be back “home” in my adopted African continent. Peter Demko and Tim Johnso—Seven Hills Foundation colleagues—are happily with me on this trip and it’s been a joy having them immersed in this new culture and society. I’ve long thought of Sierra Leone as my “second home” and today that sentiment has been affirmed. I’ve missed the people, the land, and the perspective on life that people have here. In Sierra Leone, family and community mean everything and time is of a different construct; people linger longer to talk, and smiling is a constant.

Today, we traveled through the city of Freetown, where poverty is everywhere. The streets teem with people selling everything imaginable. We drove three hours from the capital city of Freetown to our destination in Bo, where we have partnered since 2009 with Pastor Michael Kanu and Zion Ministries.

In BO, Seven Hills Global Outreach has built two schools, a medical clinic, a birthing center, numerous village wells and toilets, and a church, in our remote bush campus. My wife, Kathee and I renewed our wedding vows several years ago at this same church.

Most recently, I’ve turned our attention—from our medical clinics, to the building of a new community library—as a means of furthering education and literacy for young people. Several of the photos attached today are of our travel from Freetown to Bo, and earlier this evening preparing the new library for our grand opening and dedication ceremony tomorrow.

Both Kathee and I are humbled and honored that the community has decided to name this new facility after us and so the Drs. David & Kathee Jordan Community Library will become a lasting part of the community. It’s our hope that this new library will inspire young people in Bo to further their education and become leaders of this country in the years ahead.

Later this week we’ll be engaged at our medical clinic and meeting with village leaders in the remote bush locations. We’ve also been invited to tour Najala University, which trains nurses and other healthcare workers.

There remains much to do throughout this wonderful country and so the work continues for us at Seven Hills Global Outreach.

Dr David Jordan 4/28/22

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