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Mission Trip Back To Our Programs In Sierra Leone

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It’s been over 2 years since my la

st international trip to our partners in 8 developing nations. COVID may have prevented our travel but not the support given to the thousands of women and children around the globe who we have committed ourselves to in the development of medical clinics, birthing centers, school buildings, clean water and sanitation projects, microloans to rural farmers, family support payments, and a host of other initiatives sponsored through Seven Hills Global Outreach and our key donors. Today I depart for Sierra Leone with my Seven Hills colleagues Tim Johnson and Peter Demko where we will be dedicating a new community library in the southcentral city of BO. This new library is our continuing effort to support the educational and literacy desires of tens of thousands living in BO and the surrounding villages where we work. While there, we’ll be spending time in our Bandawa Health Clinic, the Bandawa School and BO School, and trekking through the rural bush to as many of the 26 villages where we are able to see the wells, VIP toilets, and solar lights we’ve installed over the years.

As is my custom, I’ll be sending back daily reports which will be posted on our blog. I want to send a particular “thank you” to my colleague Peter Demko (Seven Hills Foundation Media Director) who has worked so hard to help organize the setting up of our new Community Library. More to follow each day so return to our SHGO BLOG for updates on our activity.

Dr. D. Jordan –

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