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SHGO Team heads to Ghana, Sierra Leone

SHGO is excited to kick off 2020 and visit our partners in Ghana and Sierra Leone. From January 2 to the 12th, our team will join partner Barbara Asempa of organization HOCAP in Ghana to discuss the way micro finance has helped women start their own small businesses and farmers purchase the infrastructure needed to harvest and bring their produce to market.

In Sierra Leone, we'll visit Pastor Michael Kanu and his wife Pastor Cynthia of Zion Ministries—SHGO's longest running partnership in Africa. Here, the SHGO team will visit some of the 26 remote villages in southern Bo where, through the generosity of donors, SHGO has worked with local partners to establish clean water wells and sanitation facilities. The impact of clean water and sanitation to the villages has been nothing short of dramatic, lowering infant mortality by at least 80%.

We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you and hope you'll check the blog each day for updates from the field!

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