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We have Arrived! Day 1 in Accra, Ghana - January 3, 2020

Hello everyone following our Seven Hills Global Outreach trip to Ghana & Sierra Leone!

This initial post will be brief, as we have just arrived in Accra and have met with our partner, Barbara Asempa and her NGO team at Home of Care and Protection (HOCAP).

In Ghana, SHGO has supported 4000 farming members since 2011 by providing micro finance loans of $50-200 each per growing season. The farmers use these funds to buy fertilizer and seed. When they sell their crops, the loan is then paid back and the cycle continues, thus offering rural families the opportunity for economic improvement.

Tomorrow we travel three hours into the remote Bush region to return to the village of Nyitawuta, where SHGO has built a well, village toilet, a bee keeping program, and offered micro loans to desperately poor men, women and children in response to the needs identified in prior trips.

Everyone on our SHGO team this year is amazing - Frances, Tracy, Andy, Ali, and of course Peter. Attached is a group shot of our first night in Tema at our guest house. More to follow tomorrow. Thank you all for following us on our journey.

Dr J -

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